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Friday, July 25, 2014
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Blog Engine Repair Guide: How Will I Know If I Need an Engine Rebuild?

Engine Repair Guide: How Will I Know If I Need an Engine Rebuild?

Not all problems require elaborate engine repair or a complete engine rebuild.  However, if you suspect that your vehicle is having this problem, it is imperative to have it checked out by a reputable, certified mechanic.  That way, you can feel confident that your engine repair or engine rebuild is both necessary and economical.  If at all possible, try to get a second opinion before making your final decision about a repair or rebuild.

There are a few typical symptoms of this problem.  Not all of these indicate a need for a complete engine rebuild or repair, but they are definitely some things to look out for.  If your vehicle shows any signs of the following problems, it’s best to get an engine inspection and diagnosis completed by a qualified mechanic. A few of the difficulties are, as follows:  excessive oil consumption, coolant mixing with oil, excessive smoke from the exhaust system, or low compression.  Overheating is also an indication that some type of engine repair work is required.

With the proper automotive repair diagnosis, your engine repair work may be minimal.  If more extensive engine repair work is required, here are a few helpful descriptions and explanations to assist you.  An engine rebuild is when a used part is reconditioned by cleaning, inspecting, and replacing severely worn or broken parts. Replacement parts can be new or can be within the manufacturer’s acceptable wear limits.  Make sure you talk with your facility representative to comprehend exactly what type of engine rebuild or repair will be completed before you authorize any type of engine repair work.

Need engine repair service? Ask our experts about the possibility of an engine rebuild by contacting our ASE Certified Technicians today at for more information. Our 2 auto repair shop locations in the Twin Cities are conveniently located in; Eagan, MN and Spring Lake Park, MN area.

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