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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Blog How Not To Get Ripped Off!

How Not To Get Ripped Off!

Here at Excel Auto and Tire Service, we are dedicated stewards of our profession. As such, we feel it is our responsibility to let you know that you can get ripped off by some posing as reputable auto maintenance and repair centers. As well, we feel we should give you some guidelines and friendly pointers to prevent you from falling victim to these sort of scams.

Typically, automotive servicing scams fall under one of two categories: either they are trying to charge you for work that doesn’t need to be performed, or they are attempting to charge for work that hasn’t been completed at all. There can be nothing more frustrating to us than to receive a visit from a customer that has been to a car maintenance shop where they have experienced one of these scams.

One of the most frustrating situations can be the misdiagnosis of a problem, costing you money for an unnecessary repair that fails to solve the problem. When this happens, understand that it is possible a mechanic can make an error in diagnosis. However, a mechanic should never charge you full price for a repair that resulted from poor diagnosis. He should be willing to credit your account and perform the repair that will solve the problem.

Another frustrating situation arises when coming to pick up your vehicle after routine vehicle maintenance to find that you have been charged for repairs that were not authorized. Although this is a common tactic of less-than-reputable shops, even the best intentioned repair shop can make this mistake if it is unorganized and lacks protocol. That is why here at Excel Auto and Tire Service we are dedicated to ensuring all our repairs and auto maintenance procedures have been itemized in a clear and understandable manner, and that you have approved these repairs prior to our performing the work. You should expect nothing less from any auto shop experience.

At Excel Auto and Tire Service, we can assure you that our procedures all but eliminate these unnecessary frustrations. Such procedures include a peer review process and the final review of the shop manager. If you are in need of a reputable auto service center for your car maintenance needs, we hope you will visit one of our two locations servicing Eagan, MN and Spring Lake Park, MN area.

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